Autobiography of Paul C. Breitenfeldt


Greetings to my friends and newcomers to my website!

A  "Bio" story is here to help you see who I am as a person and professional in the financial services industry. 

In the Fox Valley and particularly Appleton Wisconsin just down the road from Green Bay and Packerland on the Fox River, I was born just prior to Christmas 1952 with parents Earl and Vera Breitenfeldt, the first of four children.  As a post WWII-Korean War young family, we shared in all the excitement of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s growing up in a modest size community, the hub of the Fox Valley.  A public education was completed at Appleton High West, where "West is best!" was liturgically chanted at our sporting events and in particular boys basketball in the 1970-1971 two special seasons.  A great education with extracurriculars like this basketball experience led me to feel proud of all the contriibutions people made to us young people in those days.  We as a family with 3 younger siblings enjoyed the best of an education and community life with a special home mission Church Grace Lutheran Church, just kitty corner from the tennis courts of Appleton West.  Singing in the Grace youth choir would lead to enjoyment in singing in special church choirs years later and singing in the Fox Valley Appleton MacDowell Chorus of 100 Men as well for two years.  What fun we had growing up and what challenges we all went through as well growing up.  We learned to be content and to cope with the challenges of those years and with heath issues that touched our family, like our Mother's hereditary cardiomyopathy and two of my younger siblings.   A Christian faith and work ethic developed and thankfully for our parental role models and many mentors in our community and church, we came to live with the aim of excellence in our work and service, whether it be small jobs or important professions.  A vocational calling to serve as a Lutheran pastor developed early in my life and rather than a business sales or accounting profession, a turn to prepare for ministry came along and with this a few years in the ordained American Lutheran Church came about.  Following one year at UW-Oshkosh,  Augsburg College Minneapolis 1972-1975 and Luther Seminary St. Paul, MN  1975-1979 proved to be  quite an educational adventure with some basketball at college and seminary to add some spice and physical fitness. 

Now it's more of X C skiing than basketball, with 20some American Birkebeiners and Kortoloppet cruises behind along with a Calumet Michigan Great Bear Chase and a Bemidji MN 50K Marathon near my Finnish relation.  21st Birky X-Country Ski Race is #50th anniversary of th American Birkebeiner, the the Prince HAAKON 15k  on Friday and perhaps a Thursday Barke-Birky with Lucy Joy Breit my then 7 year old LAB, and a Saturday am watch of the 55/50 K Birky Classic/Skate races.  Here at the Wausau 9Mile County Forest we have a nice facility for this winter actifvity with ski and snoeshoe rental equipment. Cloquet Minnesota s Pine Valley Xc ski trails is a great training grouñd as well for health and Xc ski races like the Birky ones from Cable to Hayward.

July 8th, 1982 Laurie Rigstad of Greenbush Minnesota and I had a new beginning at Bethel Lutheran Church in her home town with one special wedding and reception with relation and friends.  The adventure has continued for 37 years almost, with 3 special children, a son and daughter in law, two daughters, one grandson Malaki (Age 12 4/3/2023), all for whom we love very much and who are all currently working and writing their stories.  "Some day" as he says he wants my job unless he becomes a profesiional NBA basketball player.

 Blessed we are to be a blessing and appreciative for our opportunities  where economic challenges have come and gone and we all with American families have learned much about appreciating what we have and who we work for.   Michael Diemer my friend and supervisor up till Nov 19, 2015 sure made life and work better for me, as my new supervisor Rob Wachholz through the Packerland Brokerage Services Broker Dealer have in our local Wausau office.  Yes you heard it right, Packerland, an excellent Broker Dealer who I will talk to anyone about transitioning to!

  With my part time staff help Janelle the adventure continues with a business some day that may involve a family member or another becoming an associate.  Life and service goes on with helping people upward and onward  with their dreams, wishes, plans, and goals for a good future!

  Some joint consultations come about now with a few professional attorneys on elder law,  estate planning, financial, income planning, long term care, life insurance, charitable and business planning issues and priorities come to the fore.  And for tax related issues, there are a few tax advisors

  After work, it's not too hard to find a ski or hiking trail a place to fish or a place to hunt for a few days with friends and family white tail deer and now a pheasant local hunt now and then with 1 year old Lucy, the "lightning fast Lab".   We sure live in a beautiful north central Wisconsin Wausau area and not too far from the 8th wonder of the world Duluth, MN. and all the other locations just a hop, skip, and a jump from here or just a cruise down the road in a silver Buick Enclave now. A few hours s month I serve on N. Wisconsin  Lutheran Layman Leagues board and recruit.ambassadors for LCMS Churches. website has quite the media ministry website for all ages.

So much for story telling.  Maybe our paths will cross and you'll be saved the story just shared as you have yours and I enjoy meeting new people and keeping up relationship with my friends and clients. Honest professional and ethical service is what I aim for in my practice some 30 plus years old with sites to hit 44 years.

This website I trust is a learning place that may lead some of you to click on a 20 minute introduction time.  The articles and vidoes are very valuable.  Check them out. 

  We're here for long term service and your planning needs and new work shops and seminars to come. Enjoy the learning center, current news articles here and website options and don't hesitate to send me an email or call for an 20 minute introduction or service!