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Autobiography of Paul C. Breitenfeldt

Greetings to my friends and newcomers to my website!

A  "Bio" story is here to help you see who I am as a person and professional in the financial services industry.   A new satelite office a  mile or so from home is new news where many weekly hours are spent each week, which is called the Mosinee Professional Building just west of the Wisconsin River 1 block.

In the Fox Valley and particularly Appleton Wisconsin just down the road from Green Bay and Packerland on the Fox River, I was born just prior to Christmas 1952 with parents Earl and Vera Breitenfeldt, the first of four children.  As a post WWII-Korean War young family, we shared in all the excitement of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s growing up in a modest size community, the hub of the Fox Valley.  A public education was completed at Appleton High West, where "West is best!" was liturgically chanted at our sporting events and in particular boys basketball in the 1970-1971 two special seasons.  A great education with extracurriculars like this basketball experience led me to feel proud of all the contriibutions people made to us young people in those days.  We as a family with 3 younger siblings enjoyed the best of an education and community life with a special home mission Church Grace Lutheran Church, just kitty corner from the tennis courts of Appleton West.  Singing in the Grace youth choir would lead to enjoyment in singing in special church choirs years later and singing in the Fox Valley Appleton MacDowell Chorus of 100 Men as well for two years.  What fun we had growing up and what challenges we all went through as well growing up.  We learned to be content and to cope with the challenges of those years and with heath issues that touched our family, like our Mother's hereditary cardiomyopathy and two of my younger siblings.  The youngest brother Dale has followed in my footsteps 17 years ago with NYL in Green Bay area.  A Christian faith and work ethic developed and thankfully for our parental role models and many mentors in our community and church, we came to live with the aim of excellence in our work and service, whether it be small jobs or important professions.  A vocational calling to serve as a Lutheran pastor developed early in my life and rather than a business sales or accounting profession, a turn to prepare for ministry came along and with this a few years in the ordained American Lutheran Church came about. 

Augsburg College of Minneapolis MN rather than a close second Wartburg College of Waverly IA, after one year at UW-Oshkosh and and acceptance into their accounting program, the  studies of business, greek, philosophy, communications, and a the liberal arts courses took me upward and onward while I would work at Appleton Coated Papers in a variety of departments thanks to  neighbor and surrogate "Uncle" Baldy Eggert who helped me in the door to a $2.08 per hour good summer job.  What was earned was invested in my education, books, and a few pairs of basketball shoes and basketballs, with a few dollars left over for a date and white tail November deer hunting of Uncle Roy Breitenfeldt's Tigerton WI farm, where my Dad with Roy and his parents cleared the land and had a diversified dairy-hog farm operation. Mentors like Augsburg's Dr. Bruce Reichenbach for my academic and senior year in campus ministry leadershp helped me upward and onward and how interesting it is that Bruce now years later and I have re-connected.  Some may say a calling for ordained service has been missed; but God uses us with people without a collar in places where clergy rarely go.  Ministry is ministry and lives are touched I trust in more ways than financial when they meet with me and allow me to be of service.  Dr. Martin Luther called all of us baptized into Christ to be "ministers for Christ", with all our varied and special gifts on the job and off the job. 

 Later during the graduate school years at Luther Theological Seminary in St. Paul, MN, some painting was done with a classmate and after graduation then in 1979 and an interim where calls were non-existent for a couple of years for our class of 140 with that many to place yet when we graduated about, it was time to supply preach and work with Grace's outreach team after work in sales of dairy, hog, and beef feed supplements under my Dad Earl, the leading Furst-McNess Representative for years in Wisconsin. 

The adventure continued beyond these short years with my first call and ordination in April of 1982 at Grace Lutheran Church of Appleton with Rev. Wilbur Troge, Helen, and their son Eric making life pretty special along with so many other school friends and influential people like Martin and Agnes Gilbertson.   Little did I know that Laurie Rigstad I would meet shortly after and marry one beautiful Saturday July 8th 1983.  Laurie taught 1st grade in nearby Hallock MN while I continued to serve a 3 point Lutheran parish between Drayton, ND and Donaldson MN.  Pastoring all ages and helping the youth enjoy two Camp Vermillion Bible Camp-Boundary Water Canoe trips made life challenging and special for Laurie and I.  A multiple parish was not a goal of mine for the long term and when a turn came for the next call, opportunities were slim as there was little movement of pastors and vacancies were not many.  After narrowly missing a call to Chinook Montana, an opportunity to fall back on my financial and business background came up with Lutheran Brotherhood. 

Having been prior to my ordination and few years of service, been with Lutheran Hospital and St. Luke's Hospital clinical pastoral education and chaplaincy programs (still single yet) and a year of professional experience with NML in my hometown part time while doing some part time teaching and preaching, I came to learn how to help people along with their financial needs and plans to protect and work toward the realization of some of their security goals.  Little did I know, that when calls were few and far between in the ALC that after a few years in a 3 point Lutheran parish in NW MN and NE ND, that I would meet my best friend and have Laurie Rigstad of Greenbush MN, a recent Concordia College of Moorhead graduate and new 1st grade teacher in Hallock MN nearby become my help-mate and friend in July of 1982 at Bethel Lutheran in Greenbush MN, right in the center of some of the finest Scandinavian-Norwegian and Polish immigrant families.  As a pastor's wife and school teacher, we enjoyed near two years in the ministry together, when calls were few and far between to test out a financial service calling.  With the Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance company, some 14 years went by and our life together in Cloquet MN -Duluth area saw financial and fraternal church service go well with 3 children being born between November of 1985 and May of 1991, namely Ben, Heidi, and Clara.  These Cloquet MN years are very special as our friends there we still keep in touch with including some of our children's best friends.  Living there was having a taste of life in Norway and Finland with so many traditions and the lights of the 8th wonder of the world, the Duluth skyline and waterfront and seaport.  We've much to appreciate as these years after one year with Farm Bureau as a Life and retirement specialist in Windom, MN a garden like county seat with a Packer player statue on the court house block, one year in Wausau-Schofield with Rural Insurance/Farm Bureau as a  Specialist, and near 16 years here in dairy land USA Marathon county and the home of logging and paper mills up and down the Wisconsin River, we feel privileged to have met and worked with many wonderful people in the community and in  Lutheran Churches now where grace, faith, Christ, and the Word alone still reign.  

 Blessed we are to be a blessing and appreciative for our opportunities  where economic challenges have come and gone and we all with American families have learned much about appreciating what we have and who we work for.   Michael Diemer my friend and supervisor up till Nov 19, 2015 sure made life and work better for me, as my new supervisors Rob Wachholz and Joshua Preisser through the Packerland Brokerage Services Broker Dealer have in our local Wausau office.  Yes you heard it right, Packerland, an excellent Broker Dealer who I will talk to anyone about transitioning to!

It's hard to believe, but we're empty nesters and a mission beyond our work.  Now Ben is a CUW graduate and computer science/technology teacher/overseer at a SW Milwaukee Norris boys high school and married to Elizabeth Smoot 2 years this October 2017.   Heidi as a CMA (certified Medical Assistant) at the Freudert Medical Center/Plastic Surgery Clinic, and , a single parent Mother of our first grandchild Malaki is living and working with our youngest daughter Clara.  6 years old April 3rd 2017, Malaki  is going/growing strong!  Clara is full time teaching at Fairview Lutheran Church School setting for Shining Stars Elementary Christian Choice Schools in SW-Milwaukee, where she loves her work and students and has a great supportive Church.  Laurie my wife has been with WPS and working with new friends for over a decade now after two years of full time long term sub teaching year round at the Wausau Hawthorne Elementary grade school.   Now for two plus years she has thankfully her WPS service work in a home office with no more icy roads to travel!

So, we both are in careers that we didn't exactly plan on and yet God has used us and our knowledge and training for professional services that have helped us provide for our family.  God has given us the "daily bread" we so vitally need.   Life has been an adventure for us for 34  years now.  And we loved our adventures in MN and WI and still keep in touch with our friends and I with my clients, of whom some of the oldest are in the Duluth-Cloquet MN area where once I month, I spend a few days with my friends and do my work with my bike or cross country skiis taken along for some extracurricular fund and exercises.  In Cloquet MN, home of the 1st American Birkebeiner cross country ski race winner, I enjoyed my basketball sport for some years with a 3 on 3 summer team and a 5 on 5 team for some years and later integrated the skiing for health and fitness at about age 38.  Incredibly, skiing took off and a few friends like Dave and Dan, our family physicians, helped me upward and onward to in my mid 40s have the fun of my life and the breaking of the 4 hour sound barrier in the Birky  a couple times.  I will never forget our son's prayer at the Telemark Lodge in Cable WI before one Birky race and the grace experience throughout that day and to seeing my family and friends at the finish in downtown Hayward, and rejoicing there with my Birky friends.   2013 #15, I hoped for, but 28 miles only, a marathon and tuckered out, joined 3 other 59 yr olds with a ride to the finish, having missed the cut off at the last station by 1 minute.  In February 2014 for the Birky I volunteered at the finish line and helped take skiis off tired skiiers including many front runners that gave it their all, only to see a young German win by a ski length with 4 others right behind.  2015 has been a fun year to ski again, but no Birky.  Next year and the Great Bear Chase in Calumet and a planned on Birky in February 2018, with 3 bowling balls less weight now since spring 2017 thanks to Laurie and Ideal Protein Weight Soluttions at the Aspirus Cardiology Clinic with dieticians like Debi and a great program I'd recommend over Nutrasystem.  "Ketosis" is for real in this Ideal Protein program and the burning of fat cells and learning how to live and eat and drink much better for a man of my age, just 64 and hoping to make it with God's help to 94!


The Branch Office   is now downtown at the Mosinee Professional building, where the Chamber, a web site designer,  a tax advisor, and an attorney  for estate planning and more, is where I am in and out of in suite B down the hallway from the front entrance and available by appointment Monday - Saturday, with a call ahead to my cell phone 715-571-7097 preferably.   With my part time staff help, the adventure continues with a business some day that may involve a family member becoming an associate.  Life and service goes on with helping people upward and onward with their dreams and goals for a good future I trust.  Perkins, Emma Krumbees, Two's Company, Mosinee Cafe, Stage Stop are among restaurants where I meet clients above office and people's homes.   Some joint consultations come about now with a few professional attorneys on elder law,  estate planning, financial, long term care, life insurance, charitable and business planning issues and priorities come to the fore.  And for tax related issues, there are a few tax advisors

Packerland Brokerage Services is the new local Midwestern broker dealer for me now this November 20, 2015 with a local OSJ in Wausau nearby with other Registered Represenatives, with annual meetings no longer out on the East coast and here in Green Bay Wisconsin where some former colleagues have been for many years.

  After work, it's not too hard to find a ski or hiking trail a place to fish or a place to hunt for a few days with friends and family white tail deer and now a pheasant local hunt now and then with 1 year old Lucy, the "lightning fast Lab".   We sure live in a beautiful north central Wisconsin Wausau area and not too far from the 8th wonder of the world Duluth, MN. and all the other locations just a hop, skip, and a jump from here or just a cruise down the road in the blue Ford Taurus station wagon.

So much for story telling.  Maybe our paths will cross and you'll be saved the story just shared as you have yours and I enjoy meeting new people and keeping up relationship with my friends and clients. This website I trust is a learning place that may lead some of you to click on a 20 minute introduction time.  We're here for long term service and your planning needs. Enjoy the learning center, current news articles here and website options and don't hesitate to send me an email or call for an 20 minute introduction or service!  



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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck